Middle Class War

from by Young Feathers

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"Middle Class War" is our first recording ever! Tell us what you think about our demo! Written from the stories of Iraq people suffering the injustice of war, the housing closures of the financial crash, and those arrested in the middle of the night before the G20 protests in Toronto.


In your middle class world you gotta war going on
and you try so hard to forget all about it.

Every single day bombs you paid for explode
Not on the right target, but on somebody's home
I feel bad, let's go shopping.

Dad gets angry at mom and he hits her with his hand
the kids are always fighting someone's called Children's Aid.
There's no money in the bank and the mortgage isn't paid.
That's the kind of war we got going on.

Bricks go through the bank windows and the middle class complain.
They'll take away your land and take away your home.
That's the kind of war we got going on.

Cops break down your door and they take your friend away.
Nothing that he did but what he thought and said.
Watch out now there's a war going on!


from It's all here, track released February 16, 2011
Produced, recorded and mixed by David from Transverbal Productions.

Ben Oakey -- drums and vocals

Michelle Drew -- piano and vocals

Levi Oakey -- bass and vocals

Jared Both -- guitar, vocals and writing

Troy Witherow -- guitar and vocals




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